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Why working with Negocioteca

More than 20 years experienced professionals
Count on the expertise of expert professionals who have already participated in big transactions and projects.
Advisory with Profitability
Unlike conventional advisories, we do not just deliver reports, we combine our credit tools to make a profit for the company.
Low cost money
Thanks to our expertise in international finance and relationships with prime banks and financial institutions, we can offer financial resources at low cost and high profitability in structured operations.
360 ° diagnostics
We take care of all aspects of the company, thanks to the consolidation of the areas, we consider every situation, allowing a precise and personalized diagnosis according to the real situation of the organization.

Opportunities and Business Prospecting

Fundraising with investors with low cost and in a more accessible way. Send us your business plan and take advantage of our collective financing strategies.
Our team works in the active search and mapping of businesses and opportunities that best fits the search of our investors.
To safeguard the confidentiality of your information and data, we work in a confidential way with non-compromising processes, always preserving your identity.
Agribusiness Support
Credit solutions and financial resources to Agribusiness entrepreneur with affordable rates and values.
Concession of 100% credit on equity.
Discharge in taxes and taxes.

Corporate Law

For more than 20 years, working with transparency and ethics, serving large, medium and small companies, with honesty and efficiency, bringing unique tools that Negocioteca has created.
Civil Litigation



In the acquisition

of your vehicle

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Alternative Investments

Opportunity boutique


Business Opportunities
We assist in the preparation of your business for sale and if it is your choice, we advertise your business in our boutique opportunities.
Our professionals conduct an active search for potential investors in your business and craft a teaser to offer in a confidential and appropriate manner.

Negocioteca Corporate Transactions

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