Corporate Transactions

In every crisis, there is an opportunity and it is precisely this aspect that Negocioteca proposes to work and to reveal to its clients and partners. In a scenario of instability and economic weakness, the best way of evolution is mutual help and it is with this thought that we work our clients as partners and show that their union with other people and companies, even in the same financial condition, is the way out for survival and growth in a crisis scenario.


In order to improve the current situation and foster the economy, above all, the Brazilian market, the office of Nogocioteca Corporate Transactions was conceived through the union of professionals with more than 35 years of experience in the market, who are concerned with solving the problems and meet the needs of small, medium and large companies with personalized and structured services considering the situation of each client. No wonder, we have combined complete and dedicated solutions within our scope of work, with a team of specialists in their fields, having participated in extensive transactions, advisoring and structuring for large and medium-sized companies throughout their careers, guaranteeing certainty to our clients who are working with properly trained and differentiated professionals in the market.

Ethics | Respect | Secrecy

We understand that there is a lot of speculation that pollutes the market, in this way we establish work processes where the information is treated with the utmost caution and prevents our client from having his or her brand or name exposed, thus avoiding speculation. 
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Profitability and Security

Negocioteca Corporate Transactions has a customized portfolio of corporate advocacy and consulting solutions, granting of credit and resources to companies and physical borrowers.


On the other hand, we also operate with differentiated investment platforms, offered from start-up investors to qualified investors with high returns and more attractive than conventional ones, thanks to our specialization in alternative investments and international finance.


Our international operations are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), with custom monetization and compensation programs for holders of large holdings, and holders of smaller holdings, granting low-cost credit.


Mergers & Acquisitions

By fostering entrepreneurship and economy in Brazil, we bring business opportunities to our boutique of opportunities so that the economic gear can rotate more easily through the advice of Negocioteca, with specialized services dedicated to the sector, conducting consulting, valuation and due diligence when performing a transaction.

Negocioteca Corporate Transactions

São Caetano do Sul | State of São Paulo | Brazil

+55 11 4901-5571