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What if you could reduce your credit's cost?

Yes that's it, you can!



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Why working with Negocioteca

Professionals with almost 40 years of experience
Experience is our second name, and relationship the third.
Consulting with money in your pocket
Besides the obvious, we always aim for profit, without too much coaching and advice,
Low cost money
Have you ever imagined having money at low cost and with national and international institutions to use the time you want? Yes, you can!
Work with interest, not for them
Money at ZERO COST is what smart organizations are getting, and so can you.

Opportunities and Business Prospecting

Real Estate
Angel Investment
Companies, projects and startups in an early stage looking for investment can find what they need with us, send your business plan to evaluate.
Investments and financing and loan structures made with real estate ballast from which it is possible to charge attractive rates through the guarantee provided.
Financial Instruments
Assets that can be used with guarantees to attract investments with higher quality and better payment terms with national and foreign institutions.
Agronegócio, agricultura, agro


Often the distance to the financial center can be an unwanted obstacle for rural producers. Taking into account the needs of operational and financial support of the agro producer, we offer our support and promotion by building bridges with national and foreign private investors.

Opportunities Boutique

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Structured Business and Products
Businesses in search of investors and credit products and dedicated structured investments.
Our professionals conduct an active search for potential investors in your business in a confidential manner.
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