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Alternative Investments


There are many opportunities not yet explored in the market, one of them are alternative investments, which differ from conventional applications known today, such as CDB, CDI, Treasury Direct, among others.

In constant updating, we seek in the market what is best in alternative investments, a modality that allows us to earn bigger and more attractive profits, and most of them with mild or controlled risk.

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Assistance and Subsidy in the Acquisition of Goods

Get to know our lines of subsidy to purchase goods with a discount!
Get up to 45% off accordind to our evaluation.
Learn how it's done
The client transfers us the capital to acquire the asset.
We work and raise capital with our internal services and credits with the leading international banks and institutions and carry out the acquisition of the asset on behalf of our client.
The customer has his good purchased with up to 35% of discount thanks to our assistance.

Pay only 65% of the value when purchasing your vehicle

Do not let this opportunity pass you by and enjoy our help to get the vehicle of your desire!

Hire our services that in three months we buy the vehicle of your desire paying only 65% of your note value.

Invest with Negocioteca

As well as the opportunities we bring, we also offer our investors the opportunity to participate in our profits, with the same caution in choosing good and profitable customer business, internally we also optimize operations to earn safe and attractive profits.


Know our investment conditions in the company and be part of our network of enthusiasts and investors who together have the mission to improve the reality around us by fomenting the market.


We have adopted a strategy of diversification of invested sectors, we pulverize our capital in businesses that bring security and solidity, reflecting in the profit margin, working on decisive pillars in decision making, considering the branch in which the business is inserted, the degree of experience of the responsible people and situation in the market, aiming to gather the best indicators, with a detailed economic and financial evaluation of the company, that make possible the best decision regarding the direction of capital so that the selected opportunities are always the best possible.


Minimum application: 10.000,00 BRL.
Profitability offered: 2% per month.


Private Equity

Private Equity Funds, is the investment in established companies whose capital is not listed on the stock exchange.


This type of investment can be carried out in arbitrary companies in which the fund management company directs the funds raised from investors in order to meet the needs of the company and manage it in a way that leverages its operations and profits and returns income to investors in proportion to the company's performance.


Join the other investors and have the assistance of Negocioteca in the management of the company, with all advice and advice on the management and financial and operational leverage of the company, with exclusive strategies to release our office.


Venture Capital

A Venture Capital occurs when an investor uses its resources to support small companies through equity participation, investing in technology, modernization, innovation and optimization, bringing their profitability to new levels, to finally profit later in the exit from operations with the company or in the promotion of the IPO or to carry out a merger or acquisition.


Although its nomenclature is Venture Capital, it is not necessarily because of the risk in the operation, but because it is known in the market as an operation in which the risk levels are the same as the expected return by the investor.


To this end, we advise the investor on the choice of the company to invest in and in the management of the business, with full range of strategic, operational, financial and legal advice and planning, in order to facilitate the fulfillment of the expected investment goal.

Seed Capital

Seed Capital occurs when one or more investors unite to invest in companies or projects in the early stages or still in the development stage, allocating resources to put it into operation usually by previewing future withdrawals or possible contributions, made with small amounts often by angel investors.

We assist the investor in choosing the project based on business plans with financial viability management indicators such as Discounted Payback, NPV, TIR and ROI, or if you wish, submit your project for evaluation.

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