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Negocioteca Agro

The contribution of agribusiness to the Brazilian economy and society is fully known and has an enhanced impact in a crisis scenario where the rural sector had a strong influence on the Brazilian economy.

But agribusiness still demands many solutions and advice that our team is able to attend, with planning and strategies of subsidy and relief to enable resources to the agribusiness entrepreneur.

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Tax Planning

It is of total knowledge of the entrepreneur the high degree of importance of an adequate tax framework, in the agribusiness there are peculiarities that involve the agro segment in the matter of taxation.
With this same due importance, we serve the rural producer and the agro-entrepreneur always aiming the satisfaction and the preservation of his name before the State, acting in synergy with the culture and ethical values of our office, we can identify a great part of the market that they do not know the tax benefits and opportunities with an adequate tax planning.
With technical depth, objectivity and focus on the resolution of demands, the office provides a legal opinion on tax issues suggesting the best alternatives in line with the nature of framing the company or the rural producer.
In the tax recovery, we analyze all tax liabilities of companies in crisis or to the point of entering into default, where through a detailed survey and careful analysis, we suggest alternatives pointing to solutions and alternatives to the decrease of liabilities, as well as, judicially, we seek the best alternative , elaborating theses of defenses aiming at the company's exit from the default situation, regaining legality against questionable practices imposed by the State.

Fiscal Load Reduction

Exemption, suspension, incentives, credits, zero rate, postponement of taxes.

Tax Adequacy

Tax Recovery

Land Purchase and Sale

It counts on all the expertise of the Negocioteca team, which, coupled with a system of operation that preserves the secrecy of the operations and those involved, with clear and reasoned processes, our office advises the transaction in the purchase and sale of land taking into account every scenario to which the involved and suggests the best tax alternative to reduce operating costs.

Get to know our opportunities with live purchase!

Agribusiness Credit and Financial Resources

Get to know our lines of support to the rural producer and the agribusiness company, which consists in the granting of credits and financial resources of up to 100% of the equity, with very low rates up to 8% per year, and facilitated payment.

And even if you are a holder of high equity, (from USD 100 million) be sure to know our specific lines of monetization that guarantees 100% of your equity in financial resources without the need to return them after their rescue.

Exporting Products

Not surprisingly, Brazil has a significant international presence, since according to a survey carried out by CONAB, the country occupies the position of the second largest soybean producer in the world, having significant participation in the international market as a grain exporter.
Consistent with the signage of the Brazilian economy for agribusiness, our office assists the producer and agro entrepreneur in exporting to other countries, both for those who already export and for those who intend to start their operations in the foreign market.

Internationalization Benefits

Independence of the internal market;
Reduction of tax burden;
Valorization of the brand through international presence;
Enhancement of knowledge and expertise;
Increased networking and brand reach;
Reducing risks by diversifying markets;
Differentiation from national competitors;
Increased quality and technical level;
Development of new products;
Diversification of the source of income;
Access to cheaper productive factors.

Corporate Law

With lawyers working in the market for more than 20 years, our professionals are selected based on their degree of technical depth of differentiation in the services provided, reflecting in our team, the concern with the quality of the service and in the real solution of the needs of our clients, with exclusive tools.

We understand the situation of your business and ally there is a strategic planning, we act incisively with enough proximity and transparency.

Management Consulting

With professionals with over 30 years of experience in consulting and vast technical depth, our team makes a dedicated treatment in their business, in order to raise every scenario to which it is inserted, considering macro and microeconomic aspects, we carry out a precise diagnosis of the your business.

Having serviced large companies, our office team brings the best in the market by catering to small businesses with the high standard of Negocioteca quality.



Sending and Receiving Foreign Exchange
Opening of account abroad
Buying and selling foreign currency
Maintenance of children and relatives in other countries
Payment of import and export receipt
Support for passport issuance
Remittances for purchase of apartment or payment of plots
Analysis of international remittance operations
Issuance of registration with the BACEN for the entry of a foreign partner into a national company and for receiving a foreign loan
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