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Corporate Transactions

In every crisis, there is an opportunity and it is precisely this aspect that the Negocioteca proposes to work with its customers and partners. In a scenario of instability and economic weakness, mutual aid can prove to be a good strategy for evolution, and, based on this thought that we work our clients as, we show that their union with other people and companies, even in the same financial condition, can bring the solution for survival and growth in a challenging environment.


In order to improve the current reality and foster the economy, especially the Brazilian market, the office of the Corporate Transactions Negocioteca was created, through the union of professionals with more than 20 years of experience, who propose to solve problems and meet the needs of small, medium and large companies with services and products structured according to the circumstances of each client. Not surprisingly, we combine complete and dedicated solutions within our scope of work, with a team of specialists in their areas, having participated in extensive transactions, consultancies and structuring for large and medium-sized companies throughout their careers, ensuring certainty for our employees. customers who are working with properly trained and differentiated professionals in the market.
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Ethics | Respect | Secrecy

We understand that there is a lot of speculation in the investment market, so we establish work processes to which information is treated with utmost caution and prevent our clients from having their brand or name exposed, preventing them from being the target of speculation and unwanted offers.
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