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Corporate Law

With trained and renowned lawyers, working in the market for more than 20 years in the best offices in the country, with more than five graduations and university masters, our professionals are selected based on their technical depth of differentiation in the services provided, reflected in our team , the concern with the quality of the service and the real solution of the needs of our customers, with exclusive tools.

We understand the situation of your business and ally there is a strategic planning, we act incisively with enough proximity and transparency, so accessible to your financial capacity.

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Business Law

With professionals with entrepreneurial experience, our lawyers have as one of the pillars of support of their services, empathy in our clients' business, which facilitates the understanding of the real situation of the company and act in an assertive manner.

We represent companies covering all fields demanded in corporate law, celebration, review and negotiation of contracts, acquisitions, sales, mergers, divisions, incorporations, letters of intent and confidentiality, non-competition, among others.

Contract litigation solution, Due Diligence, corporate changes, advice for indebted companies, bankruptcy or judicial recovery and recovery of credits.

Coupled with an in-depth study and the vast knowledge of our professionals, we were able to carry out a totally dedicated service.

Tax Law

The high degree of importance of an appropriate tax framework is of the utmost importance to the entrepreneur, with even greater care for small and medium-sized enterprises.
With this same due importance, we serve our clients always aiming at the satisfaction and preservation of their name before the State, acting in synergy with the culture and ethical values of our office, reconciling with the management policy of the entrepreneur as well as the needs of his the scenario to which it is inserted.
With technical depth, objectivity and focus on the resolution of demands, the office provides a legal opinion on tax issues suggesting the best alternatives in line with the nature of the company's framework.
Tax Recovery
Always concerned with the preservation of our client, we never advise to proceed in situations where there may be risks for the entrepreneur.
In the tax recovery, we analyze all tax liabilities of companies in crisis or to the point of entering into default, where through a detailed survey and careful analysis, we suggest alternatives pointing to solutions and alternatives to the decrease of liabilities, as well as judicially, we seek the best alternative, elaborating theses of defenses aiming at the exit of the company from the situation of default, recovering the legality against questionable practices imposed by the State.

Federal Tax Discount

We know that there are active historical processes and that the state owes it to a part of the population, but what you do not know is that your company may be on this list and have credits receivable, being reversed up to a 30% discount on taxes and federal debts.

It's simple, send us a copy of your DARF we have checked for you, and the best, you do not pay for it, consult us!

Labor Law

Acting in the processes from the first instance to the higher courts, covering all judicial and administrative spheres, in defense of preparatory procedures and civil investigations promoted by the Public Labor Ministry, our attention to labor matters also has an advisory focus, working in a way to eliminate risks and position the company correctly before the market in its labor policy, also conducting audits and labor procedures with a focus on eliminating possible risks.

Civil and Real Estate Law

With constantly improved negotiation techniques, our office invests in development and training to act in a pre-litigation manner, focusing on reducing costs and financial advantages, in order to eliminate high risks, as well as acting incisively and deeply technical in the conducting lawsuits, focusing on results and greater financial advantage for our clients.
Conflicts of a corporate society;
Compliance or defense of contractual rights;
Moral and material damages;
Evictions, collection of rents, repossession;
Collection, enforcement, judicial recovery, bankruptcy, recovery of credit;

Patrimonial Holding

Patrimonial Holding or Shielding is nothing more than a tax and legal planning of assets, where basically, the idea is to protect a patrimony under the mantle of a legal person. If this does not happen, your assets and rights will be subject to the various elements of chance, something very common among individuals.


By creating the right model of society, as a family holding company, the assets and rights will be detached from the people concerned and will become a unique patrimony, with well-defined rules. It is possible, for example, to create clauses of impenhorabilidad and incommunicability of the goods, not to mention that, in our legal regime, the assets of the company do not respond for personal debts of the partners.


There is also the practice of creating trusts abroad, which give even greater protection to their assets. They are societies based on tax havens, which have almost absolute tax immunity, in addition to secrecy, of course. Contrary to popular belief, building societies in these countries is perfectly legal.

Advantages of Patrimonial Shielding

There are countless advantages of betting on patrimonial shielding. It is not only a way of reducing inherent risks, but also a way of defining the inheritance share and reducing the tax burden on the assets. Therefore, it is very common for people to call the patrimonial armor of legal and tax planning. And of course, to ensure all these advantages, you need to seek out experts in the field to make it all happen within the law.

Charges Reduction
The most visible benefit of the creation of holdings, internal or external, is the reduction of the charges levied on the assets, especially the tax. If you have income from real estate exploration, for example, and opt for a company with presumed profit tax regime instead of real profit, there is a 32% reduction in the calculation basis, which means a significant increase in perceived values .


There are also specific cases, with immunities and exemptions foreseen for the goods, depending on the tax regime chosen for the company created. That's why we can not fail to repeat: it is important to find a specialist to carry out the best tax planning for your holding company, whether abroad or in Brazil.

Patrimonial Shielding

Another excellent advantage of asset shielding through holding companies is that assets will be protected against possible personal debts. In our legal system, there is a clear separation between the patrimony of the individual and a society created by him, which is only broken if there is evidence of bad faith or illegality.


Succession Line

Finally, another great benefit is to clearly define the share of each heir of the assets previously. In a family holding, all are partners. It is enough that the patriarchs, that is, the present owners of the patrimony define the quotas that will be donated with reserve of usufruct, made in the registry. Thus, after the death of the patriarch, each of the heirs will have its pre-defined part, reducing the chances of any future legal disputes.


In addition, the patriarch can still protect assets with unenforceability clauses so that there is no risk of one of the partners taking on debt and using its share in the company as collateral - which could jeopardize the division of immovable property, for example - and also the clause of incommunicability, which prevents the assets from forming part of the assets of the spouses of the married partners.

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