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Trading Services

In order to serve our customers fully and leverage their business, we bring the services of customs clearance, international freight, import and export.


Do as 3M DO BRASIL, DAISO, DHL, EUROFARMA, BAHER, EMBRAER, SAMSUNG, LENOVO, RIHAPPY among others and carry out your work with our team, counting on tax benefits, international logistics portfolio, vast experience and advantages that our team has to offer with offices in Brazil, China and USA.

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Importing can be a viable path for the company by paying less for a product by bringing it and another country or even to diversify the company's products and add value to the business.
With a know-how of more than 15 years, our team carries out import in several segments:

Food and drinks;

Machinery, aircraft, boats, cars and motorcycles;

Chemicals, auto parts, electronics, industrial machinery, musical equipment, steel, household appliances, fabrics, pipes and fittings;

Offices and Warehouses in Brazil, China and USA

São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Miami and Shanghai

Imports to customer specification

Imports on account and order

International Operations

In order to bring more price and agility advantages to our clients, the Negocioteca brings partners that have a high breadth in their operations, counting on offices in strategic points, we managed to bring the best of our operation in international purchases with the offices in São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Miami and Shanghai, with a shed of over 18,000 m² built. Bringing the best in logistics advantages and distribution.

Customs Clearance

The Customs Broker is a professional that represents the importers, exporters, transporters, bonded warehouses, before the various governmental agencies and commercial entities, in the customs, fiscal, tax, logistic and commercial procedures, aiming at the customs clearance of cargo imported or exported.


Export can and should be an alternative to be considered by a company, we carry out all the steps of the export of a product, market opening, search of possible buyers, issuance of licenses and registrations for export.

Documentary analysis and export planning:

  • Tax classification;

  • Issuance of Commercial Invoice and Packing List;

  • Coordination of container transport and stoving;


Issuance of export documents:

  • Certificate of Origin and declarations;

  • Preparation and registration of exports in the NOVOEX - RE system;


Customs Clearance of Export:

  • Meeting the requirements of the organs and the Federal Revenue Service;

  • Monitoring and deferral of RE;

  • DDE Registration - Declaration of Export Dispatch;

  • DSE Registration - Simplified Export Declaration;

  • Receipt of cargo at border points (Dry Port, Airports and Ports);

  • Physical conference and customs clearance of export;

  • Delivery of documents released for export.

Internationalization Benefits

Independence of the internal market;
Reduction of tax burden;
Valorization of the brand through international presence;
Enhancement of knowledge and expertise;
Increased networking and brand reach;
Reducing risks by diversifying markets;
Differentiation from national competitors;
Increased quality and technical level;
Development of new products;
Diversification of the source of income;
Access to cheaper productive factors.


We understand the difficulty of a company that does not make imports or exports in forming the appropriate price for sale or purchase of the product, without proper price formation, the company may be at risk of having implicit losses within a mistaken pricing strategy.
Our team is ready to do it by the company, calculating all the costs and taxation incurred, made by specialists with more than 15 years of acting in the area ensuring a real and safe formation of prices for import and export.

Market Research

It is important that you have mastery of your product to see where there may be other possible sources of demand worldwide. If you know where you want to send your product is already half way, just now conduct a local search for potential buyers.
It must be well-researched, with clear contractual points where one can predict the numbers of the operation confronted with the result of well-crafted price formation.

If you do not know how to proceed in this step, our team realizes for you, understanding your business and product, taking into account all legal and logistic aspects involved.



Sending and Receiving Foreign Exchange
Opening of account abroad
Buying and selling foreign currency
Maintenance of children and relatives in other countries
Payment of import and export receipt
Support for passport issuance
Remittances for purchase of apartment or payment of plots
Analysis of international remittance operations
Issuance of registration with the BACEN for the entry of a foreign partner into a national company and for receiving a foreign loan
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