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Targeted Accounting

With an emphasis on improving access to credit, our accounting will always be looking to adapt its processes so that it can have a good image in the market and establish a good relationship with national and foreign financial institutions and investment funds.
With dedicated business advice taking into account management aspects and assistance in the interpretation of financial indicators and economic accounting reports.
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Accounting Sphere

Organization, classification and processing of accounting documents according to the rules and laws in force.

Labor Sphere

Complete payroll, registration and record keeping processes for employees, as well as collective bargaining agreements, among others.

Fiscal sphere

Bookkeeping of tax books and calculation of taxes, attendance to inspections and much more ..

Public Sphere

Registration, alterations and cancellations of securities, issuance of certificates, as well as surveys and precise answers according to the need.

Corporate Sphere

Openings, contract changes and company closings. Control and issuance of certificate.

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Patrimonial Shielding

Asset shielding is nothing more than a tax and legal planning of assets, where basically, the idea is to protect an asset under the cover of a legal entity. If this does not happen, your assets and rights will be subject to the various inclemencies of chance, something very common among individuals.

When creating the right model of society, such as a family holding company, assets and rights will be detached from interested people and will become part of a unique heritage, with well-defined rules. It is possible, for example, to create non-enforceability and incommunicability clauses of assets, not to mention that, under our legal regime, the company's assets do not account for the partners' personal debts.

There is also the practice of creating trusts abroad, which provide even greater protection for your assets. They are societies based on tax havens, which have almost absolute tax immunity, in addition to secrecy, of course. Contrary to what many people think, creating societies in these countries is perfectly legal.

Advantages of Patrimonial Shielding
There are countless advantages to investing in patrimonial shielding. It is not only a way of reducing the inherent risks to the assets, but also a way of defining the share of inheritance and reducing the tax burden on the assets. For this reason, it is very common for people to call the patrimonial shielding legal and tax planning. And, of course, to guarantee all these advantages, it is necessary to seek specialists in the subject so that everything happens within the law.
Charge Reduction

The most visible benefit of the creation of holding companies, internal or external, is the reduction of charges on assets, especially tax. If you have income from real estate exploration, for example, and choose a company with a presumed profit tax regime instead of the real profit, there is a 32% reduction in the calculation basis, which means a significant increase in the perceived values .


There are also specific cases, with immunities and exemptions foreseen for the assets, depending on the tax regime chosen for the created company. That is why we are not tired of repeating: it is important to look for a specialist to carry out the best tax planning for your holding company, whether abroad or in Brazil.

Property Protection

Another excellent advantage resulting from the shielding of assets through holding companies is that the assets will be protected on account of possible personal debts. In our legal system, there is a clear separation between the assets of the individual and a society created by him, which is only broken if there is evidence of bad faith or illegality.


Succession Line

Finally, another great benefit is to clearly define the share of each heir to the assets previously. In a family holding company, everyone is a partner. It is enough that the patriarchs, that is, the current owners of the patrimony, define the quotas that will be donated with a usufruct reservation, made at the registry office. Thus, after the death of the patriarch, each of the heirs will have a predefined part, reducing the chances of any future legal fights.


In addition, the patriarch can still protect assets with non-enforceability clauses, so that there is no risk that one of the partners will incur debts and use his share in society as collateral - which could compromise the division of real estate, for example. - and also the incommunicability clause, which prevents the assets from being part of the assets of the spouses of married partners.

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